Best Brand Card Printer : Zebra

Card Printer Zebra P330i

Card Printer Zebra P330i is Zebra card printers are very popularly used by the people who want the best results from a printer card. With the reliability of the Zebra P330i card printer owned‘ve known many people who made ​​this card printers to be one of the best-selling card printers on the market. Zebra P330i has been used by thousands and even millions of people around the world. With the best quality possessed by Zebra card printers, it is not likely people will use the Zebra P330i card printer as the flagship designed for the purpose of printing everyday cards. Zebra card printers P330i card printer is one that is reliable, and is also believed to launch your business interests.

Zebra card printers P430i

Card Printer Zebra P430i card printer is very popular among users Zebra printers and wide audience. With toughness and promising performance can be seen from the quality of the printing of cards that have been known to many people. Zebra P430i card printer is a printer that has been used thousands and millions of people around the world. Company or corporate is that many users utilize the P430i. Equipped with technology with two-sided card printer makes printing cards such as ID Card can take place quickly without compromising the quality of the expected users. Special technology applied by the Zebra P430i is Zebra makes a product that is reliable and maximum performance. Zebra P430i is the next generation or the next generation of Zebra P330i Card Printer. The technology is similar to that carried but P430i P330i is equipped with an expansion card option in encoding settings and network settings. P430i also inserted technologically as P330i UHF Gen 2 can provide good printing quality is also flexibility for its users. Is no stranger to where the people choose the Zebra P430i because it‘s proven quality and performance. Zebra P430i Card Printer Reliable. Tough. Maximum.

Label Printers Zebra Z Series

Card printers Zebra Z Series is one of the label printer in its class that is strong and reliable. With the flexibility of the Z series platform that is well known of course acceptable to the price comparison with the quality of the output. The process of label printing business cards or card labels generated by this printer has the best quality. With a speed of 10 inches per second, and many printing options that make this Zebra label printer label printing to ensure the productivity of your card in any situation and condition. Z Series label printers have a connection compatibility with every device manufacturing and business that you have. ZM400 and ZM600 can be connected with the present connection is USB2.0, Secure Wireless 802.11b / g and Ethernet connectivity using parallel technology ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server. With the support of RFID technology protection Investment Ready resolution makes printing labels with a standard feature of 600 dpi and also features an XMLEnabled Printing. Ease of setup process is offered with native language support for Asian languages ​​as well as ease of maintenance and supply of spare parts is guaranteed to make the Z Series label printer for printing card is your best friend.

Card Printers Zebra ZXP3

ZXP Series 3 printer offers several advanced features that provide best-in-class performance at a very affordable price. With the help of image processing technology is Zebra card printers Zraster then this can result in the speed of the printing process and optimal image quality. Zebra printer itself is a printer with the ribbon of the first high-performance air-and also with the formula that has been improvised for high speed and good printing quality. ZXP Series 3 can easily be positioned in various places due to the meeting of small and compact legs and feet are also easy to use. With the ribbon cartridge LoadNGo and the LCD display. With so many connectivity options offered make the ZXP Series 3 card printer is a printer which can be easily integrated with various systems. Scored with 1 or both sides can produce maximum quality, consistently. Monochrome and color printing images is not a problem and can also be made to print the ID card, access card entry, and also a card member and also a gift card for your customers only have to choose from the various options provided in the ZXP Series 3 Card Printer.

Card Printers Zebra ZXP8

ZXP Series 8 Retransfer card printer is one of the best in its class. Why not for ZXP Series 8 printer is the latest technology to bring different cards with other card printers. With the ZXP Series 8, you will not be familiar with the term slow in printing the card printer. You will also not be confused with performance issues due to the ZXP Series 8 is the best of Zebra products to bring to you the quality printing that is fast, precise and accurate. The process of printing a picture or image that goes fast does not reduce the quality of the printing itself. Zebra card printer ZXP Series 8 to deliver speeds in the printing process without reducing the quality of the card. The resulting image will look up to and also the quality of the image that looks like the original image brightness and sharpness well-balanced color makes Zebra Series 8 is to be excellent in-class card printer. You who want speed, reliable performance and quality as well qualified, the Zebra ZXP Series 8 is the solution.

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